Linspire 5.0.

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Now, we must convince Congress to stop the FCC. Can you display an alert?

I have just started using a Linspire 5.0 live CD when I am browsing the web
and it seems to be the best way to browse the web safely. It has Mozilla 1.6
and 1.1.3 as well as an outstanding Kde desktop. And it
auto-detects the network settings and mounts my USB thumb drives as well.
And programs loading from the CD do not take long to load at all. Much
better than using Windows. And my website viewed in the browser still works
just fine. Even the Java Script and DIV layout.

And it is based on Debian as well. Which makes it even better. Not bad at
all. I am typing this in the OpenOffice suite on Linspire right now and I
would not be without it. I am quite happy with it.

The base.wad I was working on has been finished, get it here:
UAC Base. This also includes E1M2 an experimental map using SP_HOT_1 textures. I hope you like this map and record some cool demos using it. I had a good time making this map and I am
working on a good map now that is a mixture of Master Levels styled
architecture and texturing and Doom2 MAP01 styled texturing. That map will
be quite cool and I am using Booms pass-through flags for having switches
that can do more than one thing simultaneously.

With Fedora Core 5 I have installed Mplayer from source and got DVD playback
working just fine. Now I have cause to be happy.

And I have just noticed Hotmail’s Spell checker function. I am using Mozilla
1.6 and I am just checking over this message before posting it and there is
a spell checker function built in just like the one in Firefox 2.0. Very
nice indeed.

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