Leonard Nimoy`s 80th birthday.

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Leonard Nimoy who played the Vulcan character Spock in the Star Trek series is 80 years young today, Happy Birthday! He will always be remembered for this Spock character even though he had a singing career and hosted shows about ancient mysteries as well. He was a great host and always made the subject matter very interesting. Nowadays all of the subscription television channels are mindless reality shows and ancient aliens BS. The ancients had incredible technology and knowledge like the electric battery in ancient Babylon in 3000 BC, and the terrace of Baalbek where a huge stone slab weighing 1200 tons is left in the quarry near the massive structure. We nowadays cannot explain how that was built with stone blocks that are between 300 and 800 tons in weight that are fitted together with the utmost precision. These days we use concrete to build huge structures like the 3 Gorges dam in China, but that is not the same as moving countless hundreds of 10 ton stone blocks to build a 6 million ton great pyramid in Egypt. That pyramid is a mystery and even today it would be a massive challenge to replicate the gigantic structure of that pyramid. http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2010/05/ancient_aliens_the_unified_the.php The ancient aliens shows are just a load of hogwash and are nothing to do with science and reason, They are just making up a load of crap to explain the mysteries of the world.

The ancient peoples were smarter than we give them credit for and were capable of building these structures for themselves without help from ancient aliens. Although there are cave paintings depicting what looks like astronauts and even cave paintings of a dinosaur which ancient people supposedly had never seen, but these are explainable if humans have been around longer than first thought and had lived alongside dinosaurs in the distant past. That is possible, there was an iron nail found embedded in sandstone that was between 360 and 460 million years old. Now that is a mystery worthy of an explanation. The steel ball mentioned on that page that is possibly 2.8 billion years old is something that blows the mind, no humans could have lived on the Earth that long ago and there was no real animal life back then either, but there are not witnesses that can tell us what life was like that long ago. There used to be cities on the ocean floor in the Bahamas a very long time ago, but when the ocean rose they were submerged, who knows what artifacts could be found there.

Ancient hammer .embedded in rock.

This ancient hammer could be the last vestige of an ancient and civilized race of people that inhabited the Earth unimaginable eons ago. We can not imagine what life would have been like back then, but it would have been incredible to live before all if the modern animals and plants even existed, even before the dinosaurs walked the Earth. I wish I could get in a time machine and travel back to 400 million BC and see what life was like in the distant past of our planet, it would be like visiting another planet for sure. Our own planet has enough mysteries itself, you do not need to travel to another planet to see something that is mysterious and awe inspiring.  So i urge you to investigate the ancient cultures and see what the world has to offer.

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