Knoppix is good.

Posted: November 17, 2010. At: 6:34 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 692
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After switching from Ubuntu to Knoppix 6.3 on my laptop, I am seeing the benefits of using a proper operating system that does not restrict you like Windows does, and comes with a heap of software to boot, including the VIM GUI and Amarok as well as a heap of games and out of the box support for 3D graphics with Compiz Fusion support, Windows 7 can install Nvidia drivers right out of the box, just right-click on the adapter in Device-Manager and click update-driver, but I prefer Linux to come with the binary drivers already included, it makes easier when you install the distribution and the driver support is already taken care of by the distro. Knoppix has been around for ages and always pleases when you load it up and see what software has been included. Kernel 2.6.32 is standard and the aforementioned 3D graphics support, so if you installed it on a PC, you could play games on it right away. I am not much for gaming on my laptop, I prefer a desktop PC for that, and I play Quake Darkplaces and Unreal Tournament 2004, so I am not much for Tux Racer. But why the heck is the Knoppix 6.3 so hard to use? I could only install it by erasing the whole hard disk and repartioning with the auto installer, you can not just select a partition and install to that, using the existing swap partition shared with the other installation of Linux. Needs more work I think, but I have got it installed it and that is what matters in the end. The Lxde desktop and PCman file manager are a good combination and very fast indeed. Faster than the bloated mess that is KDE 4.4 & 4.5 that is for sure, Windows 7 is faster than KDE now, I prefer Gnome.

I have just discovered that you can use the Optus Wireless broadband dongle as a Micro SD adapter for your PC, I have a 512 MB card in it and it mounted perfectly on my Knoppix laptop. This way I can access files on those cards as I can not find my little Micro SD to SD adapter. But this works very well indeed and it is amazing the different uses you can put a piece of hardware to.

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