Internet censorship still on the cards.

Posted: January 21, 2012. At: 10:47 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2504
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Zero Tolerance on censorship

The future of the Internet is still under threat even though the SOPA Internet censorship bill has been defeated in the Senate, this does not mean that we can afford to relax our guard just yet. Congress could wait for a slow news day and slip something under the radar that is similar to the Stop Online Piracy Act that comes in a different set of clothes with the same intention. I have uploaded some useful information here, an information E-Book for bloggers that will help you to keep your blog running in these days of declining Internet freedom. The megaupload website has been taken down, this website was a file-sharing site that allowed anyone to upload and share files with anyone else, but now it is only online with an Internet Protocol address instead of a domain name mapped to the IP address. I wonder if the files are still there, I hope no one lost any valuable files due to this. Sure there were some copyright infringing material on that website, but many businesses and individuals were using it to share files for legitimate purposes. We can only hope that the Internet does not end up as censored as the Internet in China, that is locked down and anything about Tianamen Square is censored.

That is something that we do not want, the government only wants to censor the Internet to suppress freedom of speech and further oppress the people that are under their control. The TOR anonymous browsing service that allows users to browse the Internet anonymously is also under threat, not to mention anonymous image boards as the goal is to force Internet users to have a unique Internet ID so that every posting they make will be under their real name and therefore they can track dissidents who dare to question the horrible state of America for example, not that the decay of America is not obvious anyway. if terrorists want to strike at the airports, then the Transport Safety Agency agents are not going to stop them, they would just walk up to a line of people waiting for their sexual molestation body search and then blow themselves up, that would have just as much of an effect as blowing up a plane. No one hijacks planes any more, that used to happen, now we have had the underwear bomber and the attempted Times Square car bombing. Now the border protection agents have X-Ray machines that can see through a car and tell if there is any explosives or weapons hidden within. Sure the occupants of the car might get cancer, but at least they will catch the terrorists. More information about the DHS X-Ray machines on this website.

Mexican drug war.
Mexican drug war.

Sure, the war on drugs in America will never be won, but at least at the border they can at least try. There is a murder every half-hour in the war torn country of Mexico, the current death toll is estimated to be -/+ 47,515 people according to the government tally. this is a pointless war that will seemingly never end, with the vicious drug cartels dominating Mexico city and the response by America is to install cancer causing X-Ray machines in the border crossings to attempt to stop the shipment of drugs between America and Mexico? if they legalised some drugs such as Marijuana that are useful for medicinal purposes, then some crime would be lessened. Getting back to the Internet censorship debate, as I said before, the bill has been postponed, but the spectre of totalitarian control of the Internet still looms as large as before, skulking in the shadows waiting to strike when we are unaware. That is why we must keep discussing this Internet censorship bill and anything else they try to keep everyone aware of what is going on. Congress know that we are aware of SOPA and they will slip the bill into another set of papers and bring it in under the radar. That is what they are thinking and the best way to combat this is to not let this slip from our minds with all of the mindless distractions that are on television like Obama singing and the American Idol series starting.

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