Increasing your website traffic with Youtube.

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I have discovered another way to get your weblink spread around the Internet very quickly. If you have a very popular Youtube channel,and you are putting up videos that get a lot of video views, then you may put your website link in the description and when someone likes or favourites your video, the part of the description that shows your clickable weblink will be displayed on their channel. That way you get more links on Youtube pointing to your website. This can only help your pagerank. Apparently doing paid reviews on your website will harm your pagerank. Google do not like people doing this sort of thing, something to do with the paid links to a business’ website. I guess they prefer that they build links the conventional way instead of using paid reviews. I do not understand why the blogger is the one punished for simply typing a paid review, but it is best for your blog if you have many conventional posts and then you could have one or two paid posts that are relevant to the rest of your standard discourse and not just a blog that is full of paid posts as that will look very spammish and will not help your credibility. Keeping a nice balance of quality posts and paid posts is a good idea if you want to keep traffic coming in.

Commenting on blogs and adding your weblink to the profile section of whatever website you join up with is a good idea, especially a PHPBB forum, that will add the homepage link at the bottom of the posts you create. Of course you can also create a fan page named after your website on Facebook and this can be used to post a link and summary of your posts. The Sharepress plugin for WordPress can post a summary and a link to each of your posts to Facebook, this is a very useful plugin and it really works. More information on this weblink: this is a good option due to the aforementioned liking and favouriting of your video that will spread your link around Youtube and your link could get a few clicks that way, very good for your website and your business as well. A Twitter account is another good way to communicate with your customers and get the word out about the best deals and other news. For a personal blog, this is a good way to post links to your current posts and other news about your website. But the main way to get many visitors to your website is to create quality content.

Quality content will mean there are a lot of pages to be crawled by Google and other search engines this on its own can be very good for your performance in the Google ranking, but after that aggressive SEO techniques are required to compete on the Blogosphere that has many competitors vying for the top placing in the search engine rankings so you must be able to create a website that can stand out on the Internet and can deliver the content that your users are after. Using Google Trends is a good way to see what keywords are the most popular and you can see which keywords are trending, this can help you decide which keywords you should focus on to gain more search engine traffic. As most of your traffic is coming from search engines, Google, Duckduckgo and Bing, it makes sense to create a search engine friendly website that will pull in a lot of traffic due to a large amount of quality content as well as SEO optimisation. This is very important these days. As I said before, there are many other website competing for the search engine rankings and you must be able to compete with them by delivering a quality experience without an annoying website theme. I designed my own website theme, that I had on my website a while ago, but I decided to use the Platform theme and it works very well for me.

There is some information here: about the nofollow tag that Youtube uses and why it does not necessarily matter if the links there are using the nofollow tag. The Youtube website of course gets massive amounts of traffic every day so of course a SEO strategy that includes this website is a very good powerful one indeed. Especially if your website uses video to get a message across, having your weblink positioned prominently is a good strategy. So this is a good way to leverage the power of social networking and video sharing websites to power ahead with an effective SEO  strategy that can raise your pagerank and raise your traffic as well. Do not use those spam SEO  paid links services that claim to give you massive traffic in 48 hours if you purchase their services. These services can actually cause serious harm to your Google ranking and they only exist to make the people behind them rich at the expense of the unfortunate users. is a good service for building links and updating a XML sitemap and automatically submitting it to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. This is a good service and I recommend its use, but those spam SEO services can go die.

Following the advice I have given in this post, you should be well on your way towards more quality web traffic. Having the right keywords on your website is a good way to enjoy better targeted advertisements if you are using Google Adsense or 888media ads on your website. 888media are a good alternative to Google Adsense, I recommend them if you want to try something different than the standard Google advertisements.

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