House representative kills SOPA Internet Censorship bill.

Posted: January 17, 2012. At: 5:13 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2450
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The House of Representatives in the United States have killed the Stop Online Piracy Act. This is a great success in protecting the freedom and openness of the Internet. There have been many people attacking the Internet and even Google for copyright infringment. Rupert Murdoch was speaking out against Google on Twitter accusing Google of streaming copyrighted material, just because he searched on Google for a new movie and found download links in the Google search results. He certainly does not hold back when he finds something that offends him. But he should not be bothered, you can not pirate a newspaper can you? He makes plenty of money from his news empire, does he feel threatened by the free and open Internet? The Protect Intellectual Property Act is still being considered, so we have to fight that bill now and make sure that they do not slip something into that at the last minute. Less and less people are reading traditional newspapers when you can just load up an online news website and catch up on breaking news. subscribing to the RSS feeds can help you keep in touch with the latest events easily.

American Congress.
American Congress.

I have tried out the daily Telegraph app on the Ipad 2 and it works very well, looking the same as the online website, it is a subscription based service where you can receive the paper every day straight to your tablet computer. if it is too cold and rainy to go to the newsagent and purchase a copy, you can just sit in front of a warm fire and read the paper that way. Nothing to throw out into the recycle bin afterwards. The PIPA bill is the same thing as the SOPA bill, just known by a different name. But this bill must also be defeated, if we are to have an open and democratic Internet in the future. The SOPA bill has been defeated, now they want to slip another bill in with a different name and hope they can get the same DNS blocking and Internet censorship in place to restrict freedom of speech. We need to show them that they can not get away with this. They use piracy concerns and pornography as an excuse to censor the Internet. Just like the Internet Filter proposed by Senator Conroy in Australia. Please make everyone aware that they are trying it again with another bill and everyone must be aware of what is going on in Congress.

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