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Posted: November 17, 2011. At: 7:51 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2181
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American Censorship Day: November 16, 2011.

On November 16th, the “Stop Online Piracy Act” will be heard in Congress. This legislation, in addition to the Senate’s “Protect IP Act,” completely undermine and fundamentally change the core principles of the Web. They have the potential to radically alter or shut down sites like YouTube, Flickr, 4chan, others, and all new companies that follow.
See for more and help us stop these bills from becoming law.

They are doing this under the pretence of protecting us from pornography even though the surface Internet is only about 10% of the entire accessible Internet. The real agenda is to restrict free speech and allow only the content on the Internet that the government deems to be suitable. Even though movies these days have even more sex and violence than ever they want to ban violent games and remove violent content from the World Wide Web. They keep bleating think of the children even though the TSA is allowed to hire workers with sex crimes in their criminal history and lets them work searching children. So this Internet censorship bill will do nothing to protect the children and will only restrict our online freedom to win the votes of the clueless masses who believe everything they hear on the news. All you need to do at the airport to kill many people is to walk in to the area where the sheeple are lining up for their cancer causing body scanners or sexual molestation pat down searches and detonate a bomb strapped to your body or in your luggage. Getting back to the Internet though, censoring the Internet will not remove illegal content from the web as I wrote above, 80% of the Internet is inaccessible from the main Google searches and casual web browsing, and if you are browsing it you need to have almost a CompSci level of skill to avoid being tracked by your real IP address.

The world is going insane now, the powers that be want to keep the populace dumbed down with stupid reality shows and that is why the History channel has no real content about historical topics and every channel is just more reality shows with a panel of judges eliminating one person each week and dumb-fuck viewers spending money to SMS vote for their favourite contender. This Internet Censorship bill is proposed to stop piracy of digital content but the far reaching implications of this bill go far beyond that, with websites added to a blacklist system rather like that in dictatorships like China and Iran. So please sign the petition and make an effort to stop this draconian bill.

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