Greg Kroah Hartman on the Linux Kernel

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Google Tech Talks
June, 5 2008


The Linux Kernel, who is developing it, how they are doing it,
and why you should care.

This talk describes the rate of development for the Linux
kernel, and how the development model is set up to handle such a
large and diverse developer population and huge rate of change.
It will detail who is doing the work, and what companies, if
any, are sponsering it. Finally, it will go into why companies
like Google, and any other that uses or depends on Linux, should
care about this development. Lots of numbers and pretty graphs
will be shown to keep the audience awake.

Speaker: Greg Kroah Hartman
Greg Kroah-Hartman is a Linux kernel maintainer for the USB,
driver core, sysfs, and debugfs portions of the kernel as well
as being one half of the -stable kernel release team. He
currently works for Novell as a Fellow doing various kernel
related things and has written a few books from O’Reilly about
Linux development in the past.

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