Good old days of Linux. What users miss from the old Linux distros.

Posted: March 3, 2011. At: 5:45 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1041
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Redhat Linux 6.2.

The thing I miss the most about Linux is the coolness factor of having an operating system that is much better than Windows ’98 was and it supported your hardware without having to juggle disks installing drivers and installing virus scanners and other stuff to keep you safe on the Internet. The poster of this article mentioned Linuxconf, a configuration system that allows you to maintain your Linux PC in optimal condition. That is still available on the website, but hardly any distributions of Linux actually ship that, there is also Webmin which runs in a web browser and the SUSE Yast configuration tool; but that is not the same thing at all. Nowadays Linux is available to everyone who wants to run it, but it needs a simple control panel that can help with configuring settings and taking care of package upgrades and installing drivers like the Nvidia closed source driver and the various WIFI driver firmware. Installing Linux used to be quite an adventure, installing a distribution like Debian 3.0, which was an outstanding distribution with the KDE 2.2 desktop back when KDE was a good alternative to the Windows Explorer shell, now it is bloated and not that much fun to use at all. I use Window managers like Gnome mostly, and fluxbox or FVWM for an alternative when I want something even faster. I am happy that there are a lot of new Linux users of course, I just want the distribution team to include a proper configuration tool with the distro like the aforementioned Yast, which would be perfect.

Distributions of Linux are getting bloated and slow to load up compared to something like Freebsd which is super fast to load and light on the extra features than can be added later if you wish and are not necessary for a simple server. I hate the bootsplash that Linux Mint and Ubuntu include, it is annoying and I would rather remove it if possible. Having the text scrolling up the screen is better and then you can see what is going on with your system and it is fascinating seeing what is going on behind that animated progress bar. But in summary, there is a lot I miss from the old Linux days and we need to get back to basics and cut out the bloat and get rid of memory hungry packages like Mono. And the less services there are running on the Linux machine the less security holes there are.

And here is a Bliss.bmp based wallpaper I made for all of my loyal website visitors. I hope you like it, I like how I blended the lighting of the two images together and the sunset type of golden lighting suits it. Bliss Sunset.

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