supporting online censorship.

Posted: December 23, 2011. At: 6:36 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2320
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The website hosting company GoDaddy are publicly supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA. This bill would condemn any website that is hosting or linking to copyright infringing material. GODaddy supports the SOPA bill that they say will be protecting the intellectual property of hard-working Americans, U.S. business and the American public from the harm that necessarily flows from the purchase of counterfeit products. Although is the only Internet company that is supporting this bill. Better to use the company that is hosting my website, and enjoy better service and quality support. Use to buy a domain and you will be very happy indeed. And why do they say counterfeit products? The main argument was about downloading movies and music for free, so why are they saying that the purchase of counterfeit products is the reason for this? The purchase of counterfeit software and movies is rife in some countries such as Thailand, Singapore and China. Even the Mexican drug cartel terrorists that control Mexico city are selling counterfeit copies of Microsoft software. But the Zetas are armed and supplied by the US government so you can not take them out any time soon, they even have Barret .50 caliber rifles that the US government supplied them with.

But the US government wants to crack down on illegal downloading of movies and music instead of fixing the problems in America and the rest of the world. The Zetas were selling pirated Microsoft software emblazoned with the “FMM” logo of the Familia drug cartel in blatant disregard for piracy laws. But they are the people that skin people alive and hang them under bridges, the US government does not seem to care that these people are running around like Scarface and dealing drugs that destroy lives, they just want to restrict online freedom instead. Why would you buy pirated software from the Zetas when you could download it for free from a torrent site, or even Rapidshare? It is less dangerous than going to Mexico city and running foul of the gangsters. Sure counterfeiting is a large problem and one the Los Zetas cartel are profiting from by selling pirated media in the streets. This is a problem if it drives up the cost of software due to piracy. There have been measures such as a tax on recordable media due to piracy, but there are more pressing matters at the moment than online piracy, with boat people coming into Australia in droves, the Gillard government pushing dangerous electromagnetic radiation emitting “Smart Meters” and the Carbon Tax, why are we so hell-bent on a black-list of Internet websites?

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