Gnome Control Center re-named to System Settings.

Posted: July 24, 2011. At: 9:25 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 1769
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Gnome have re-named the Gnome Control Centre, to System Settings which conflicts with the KDE application of the same name, therefore if you have KDE & Gnome installed simultaneously, you will have two menu entries with the same icon and the same name that are totally different. This does not help Linux at all when the Gnome devs are doing such childish things as this and not playing fair with the developers of the other major desktop environment. There is a good discussion of this situation in this thread, the KDE developers are claiming the name as theirs and are justifiably upset that Gnome have taken this name as well. This could cause problems if someone using Ubuntu wants to install the kubuntu-desktop packages and there is a conflict when the system tries to install two .desktop files that have the same name. I am running Linux Mint 11 and the Gnome Control Center still has its proper name, and if I installed KDE it would be called System Settings and have its distinctive icon to set it apart.  Someone needs to help resolve this before it gets out of hand. This does not help move Linux forward as a desktop operating system. On this thread, there is a suggestion by one user that changing the name of the System Settings application would make more sense as it does not really change all system settings, mostly KDE settings. Maybe KDE Control Center is a better name.

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