Gimp in Fedora Core 14.

Posted: February 7, 2011. At: 1:03 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 968
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The best advance in desktop usage in Fedora Core 14 is that the Gimp now can layer the image window over the tool palettes when using it in KDE. This is better than in OpenSuse and Ubuntu where the tool palettes are always layered over the image editing window and get in the way which is solved in Gimp 2.7, but that is not in general circulation yet. Fedora with Selinux and the easy to use Firewall tools is the most secure version of Linux, far more secure than Windows 7, which would undoubtedly contain many backdoors to allow monitoring of users activities, like the Sony PS3 firmware rootkit that allows Sony to access the hard drive on the games console and see what files are copied to the device, like pornography and pirated movies. So do not copy anything to the system that you do not want other people to see. Especially if you used the PS3 to download off rapidshare or other filesharing websites, be very careful who sees what you have copied to the machine.

This video is a first impressions review of Fedora Core 14. This distribution apparently includes the open-source nouveau drivers for 3D acceleration without having to install the proprietary Nvidia drivers to get your 3D card(s) working under Linux. As shown in the video, the reviewer is testing the open source 3D drivers to see how well compiz works with the 3D drivers.

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