Firefox 8.0 problems & Fedora 16 is the best version yet.

Posted: January 2, 2012. At: 11:07 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2358
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Fedora Core 16 Gnome 3 desktop.
Fedora Core 16 Gnome 3 desktop.

I am very annoyed with Firefox at the moment, I installed all the updates for Fedora 15 with the yum update command and I was updated to Firefox 8.0 and my Greasemonkey addon stopped working as it was incompatible with version 8.0. That is the annoying thing with Firefox, the newer versions break some addons. But I am sure that the plugins will be updated to work with the newest browser releases. I have uploaded a nice video of my KDE 4.6 desktop, I have made this video to show how nice this desktop is and how well it works on a modern computer. And I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 as I wrote in my last post, the Ubuntu 10.10 Gnome 2.32.0 desktop is extremely sleek and fast indeed, Xfce is a nice and fast alternative, just type sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop to install this as a replacement for the Unity desktop if you are using that and are annoyed with it as I was when I tried out the Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 desktops and experienced the Unity interface for myself. The Lxde desktop is also a very light and fast alternative, type sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop and choose the lxdm login manager and then re-boot your computer to enable a very light and sleek Ubuntu desktop experience.

That is the best thing about Ubuntu, you are free to install a different desktop if you are not happy with the one you are currently running. After running the preupgrade command on Fedora Core 15, I have upgraded to Fedora Core 16 Verne. This distribution includes Gnome Shell 3.2.1, Firefox 9.0.1 and KDE 4.7.4. I ran the preupgrade command and it downloaded the update packages and then asked me to re-boot the computer, but the upgrade process did not continue when I loaded up Fedora 15 again, so I navigated to the folder under /var containing the 1741 or so *.rpm files and typed rpm -Uvh *.rpm to install the updates. This took time, but once this had completed, I then re-booted the machine again and I had my all new Fedora 16 system. The update packages were about 1.5GiB, not too bad. I can now visit the Gnome extensions website and add extensions for Gnome 3 if I feel the need for some change on the Gnome 3 desktop. And the upgrade also included kernel 3.1-6 which is the most recent stable kernel release on

Gnome Shell has a few extensions to enhance the Gnome Shell experience. Just navigate the website and when you find an extension, you just click the off button to the left to switch it on. I have had some problems with enabling addons in Gnome Shell 3.2.1, I may have to wait for this system to develop before I can get all the extensions to work. The very nice 20,000 leagues under the sea theme for the Fedora 16 Verne release is very nice and the submarine looks awesome. I wonder what they will come up with for the Fedora 17 release.

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