Firefox 5 final released on Linux.

Posted: June 21, 2011. At: 7:36 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1647
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Run DOS run.
Run DOS run.

The fifth edition of the best web browser out there, Firefox has hit version number 5 bringing new features to the table; CSS animation being one feature that will either be a good or bad thing depending on the utilisation, many stability enhancements and location aware browsing.Here is a list of the new features in the Firefox 5 release, which will evolve into Firefox 6 and 7, and then on to Firefox 8. The improved spell checking will be very well received by bloggers like me and improved standards adherence will help with the rendering of websites that use the newest Cascading Style Sheet features, as well as HTML5 and MathML. Improving the memory usage of Firefox should also be a priority, this will help with speed issues when the browser is running with many tabs open. I only have at the most, 2-4 tab open, but some people have many more tabs open and this can bog down the browser.

Firefox 5 features.

· Firefox channel switcher;
· Location-Aware Browsing;
· Support for CSS animations;
· Increased discover-ability by using the Do-Not-Track header preference;
· Improved canvas;
· Improved JavaScript;
· Improved memory usage;
· Improved networking performance;
· Better spell checking;
· Better desktop environment integration;
· Better standards support for HTML5, MathML, SMIL, canvas, and XHR;
· Improved performance for background tabs;
· Overall performance and stability enhancements.

Firefox 6.0 Alpha.
Firefox 6.0 Alpha.

As you can see, this browser is evolving into the best and most standards compliant web browser available today and is going to easily defeat the Internet Explorer 9.0 alternative, which is fast, but not recommended for daily usage. This screenshot to the right shows the Firefox 6.0 Alpha release codenamed “Aurora”. Running on Linux Mint 11 it looks just like Firefox 4.0, but looks different on Windows, apparently they are working on a Google Chrome styled look for this browser, which I do not necessarily agree with, the look is fine as it is.

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