Firefox 4.0 released.

Posted: March 21, 2011. At: 6:37 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1123
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Firefox 4.0

Firefox 4.0 has been released with GPU acceleration support and a host of new features. Read more about this at the link above. This browser is 4 months late and I can only hope it can beat Internet Explorer 9.0 and Chrome 10 as the best browser. The Firefox browser has always been quality and the latest release will reinforce that with greater stability than Chrome 10. I can not wait to download the Linux version and see how it performs. I use Google Chrome sometimes, but I always find myself coming back to Firefox for the ease of use and the features that Chrome does not have. I used to use Netscape Navigator in the old days, then the Mozilla browser, which was very good when it reached version 1.7 and the Portable Firefox on a thumb drive. I wonder what happened to that? Using a web browser like Internet explorer is not as secure as using a open source alternative which gives good security and reliability.

The only annoying thing is that Firefox looks different on Linux than Windows, but that is a side issue when the actual browser is so good. I am using Firefox 4 beta 12 that came with OpenSuse 11.4 and I will be moving to the aforementioned Firefox 4.0 as soon as possible. The web needs a better web browser, it has been handicapped by all those people who would develop their websites for Internet Explorer 6.0 and not consider the alternatives.


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