Fedora 15 including Gnome Shell.

Posted: January 31, 2011. At: 1:46 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 924
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It is not long until Fedora 15 is released, including Gnome 3.0 and Gnome Shell. Then it will have a revolutionary desktop environment. Ubuntu 11.04 will include the Unity desktop and the default media player for music will be the Banshee media player, formerly called Helix Banshee, which is not a bad media player at all, as long as it supports ripping CD’s then it will be perfectly suitable for the Linux desktop, allowing users to organise their music collection and import all their compact discs into one music library. A netbook interface on a desktop pc would make more sense if the machine had a touch screen, I would prefer to use a Gnome 2 desktop, version 2.30 is just perfect and I do not see why you would want a Fisher Price interface, like the default Windows XP desktop with the bright green start button and the green hills wallpaper that was quite a ubiqitous sight on many machines around the world, although there are many variations on this wallpaper floating around on the interwebs that have been created, almost requiring a dedicated website to host all of the bliss.bmp Photoshop and Gimp jobs that talented artists have made for others to enjoy. I just bought the January 2011 edition of Linux Magazine and it included Knoppix 6.4 and the full DVD release of Fedora Core 14, Knoppix 6.4 now works even better than the previous release in terms of the Xorg resolution, in the previous releases, it would only work at 1024*768 and nothing would work to get it any higher, but now it correctly detects the hardware and runs at 1920*1440 pixels resolution. Anyway here is a version of the bliss wallpaper that I made, I hope you like it.

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