facility.zip updated. And new KDE!

Posted: July 3, 2006. At: 1:22 AM. This was 12 years ago. Post ID: 253
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I have just got more work done on my facility.wad and I have got some 256*256 pixel textures which works very well with prboom 2.4. I tried this with the latest Zdoom and it crashes, so better to use prboom to play this wad. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=15922. This map is quite a good looking level and worth a play or two.

I have finished the 256*256 pixel textures and got them to work properly, but they will not work with Zdoom 2.0. There is some problem with that source port as they work perfectly in prboom 2.4.1. But I have put an old map of mine in as MAP08 and it is looking very good with the new sky texture and using my new hi-res textures.

I was looking through my collection of magazine DVD’s and I found a collection of KDE 3.4.92 tarballs and I ended up installing over my KDE 3.4 installation. Now after the quite lengthy compilation process of the KDE artwork, libraries and kdebase tarballs I have a much better and faster desktop. So the long process was worth it. And it took less frustration and pain than installing Gnome from source. Although I have installed a Gnome 2.10 desktop from source when I was running Zenwalk Linux. But the KDE 3.4.92 desktop is a lot faster and that is what matters. I could not be happier. Running Kernel I have good hardware support and perfect ALSA sound functioning. I can have a MP3 file playing and at the same time play Doom with prboom and have the PSX Doom mp3s playing while playing doom and have a good soundtrack for my Doom games.

Now I can get back to working on my Doom project.

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