Department of Homeland security monitoring social media and blogs.

Posted: January 15, 2012. At: 10:31 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2429
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The Department of Homeland Security is using new resources to watch social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter as well as blogs for any postings that show dissent. They really have gone insane, they are always asking for more and more powers to crush dissent and they are invading the privacy of air travellers with even more invasive body searches, even on children, looking for imaginary bombs. Mexico are supplied with weapons from the US military and they want to restrict the freedom of Americans to own weapons and to enter a shopping mall or movie theatre without being molested by the TSA agents. They even wanted the ability to cavity search young children to look for inserted bombs. This is typical of America, they want to restrict the freedom of their own people and yet they are arming Mexico for a war to come? In the Robocop movies, they showed a war between Mexico and the Homeland, so this might be a little predictive programming in the media. I am sure this will happen, I wonder if their are any large reserves of oil or gas in Mexico that would make it worth conquering, or is this just another war that the Homeland is starting for the sake of a war. They are planning a war with Iran, they are still spending untold billions of dollars on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and they want another war?

The Homeland is slipping into debt, the people are dumbed down with mindless television like Wife Swap USA, American Idol, The Batchelor and The Kardashians. Not to mention a segment about the person who does the spray tans for the celebrities on Dancing With the Stars, featured on, a website that like, is dedicated to pointless news that has nothing to do with actual quality journalism and any coverage of the decaying moral state of America, but a lot to do with the pointless drivel that Americans slurp up from their television every day. Who the heck really cares about the Kardashians, Brittany Murphy or Katy Perry. Sometimes I wonder, with the stuff that the people of the Homeland watch, how much damage have they sustained to their brains? Watching Jersey Shore, with a load of unintelligent greased up guys and girls that have no real intelligence and can only get drunk, have sex with each other and then get drunk again. That is why the Homeland is dying, the television with about 500 channels is rotting the brains of Americans and turning them into zombies. The Homeland that was the most powerful nation on Earth is now a dying cesspool with the television dominated by the monster that is reality television.

Who the f*&k cares if Snooki is drunk again or if there was a celebrity breakup that has rocked Hollywood. If people would actually research what was really going on in their country or god forbid, read a book, they might learn a little more. The Homeland residents do not seem to care that the TSA are body searching children, especially in California. The television tells them what they need to know and nothing more. it does not matter that .50 caliber M82A1 sniper rifles are being shipped into Mexico to arm the terrorist Zeta drug lords or that sex offenders have been hired to body search children, no there is a new 3D movie out and it is the best thing ever! Or that Kobe Bryant has signed over his energy guzzling houses over to his ex-wife. That is what really matters is it not? Something like that will trend at #1 on Twitter, but the decline of the Homeland will not rate as much of a mention. Some Americans believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old and that all the fossils we have found were placed there by the Devil to confuse us. I wish I was making that up. And they will say that the Universe is 6000 years old as well, not 13.5 Billion years old. The nation seems to be controlled by the mega churches and drowning in ignorance and materialism. Not all Homeland citizens are like this, but many are. The Homeland is still a relatively powerful country with a large military, but an uneducated majority that watch FOX news and believe everything they are told by the talking head on the screen.

David Suzuki in one of his books described the modern newscast as a talking head that delivers the news by stating the mere facts of what happened, but without any background story and a real analysis of the real event and its effect on politics and the people. The Homeland education system is slipping lower and lower, many schools are focusing all of their money on sport and neglecting science and mathematics. This is having a real impact with the people losing interest in reading books and spending their time watching brain rotting reality televison and increasing their friend count on Facebook and playing Farmville. Not to mention the Homeland troops that are urinating on dead bodies in Iraq. No wonder everyone else hates the Homeland and its people. Why do they need to worry about the increasing cost of the wars overseas when they have cable television and the Superbowl. The Iraq war will cost taxpayers 4 to 6 trillion dollars. That is US$4,000,000,000,000. We could have built a moon base or travelled to Mars with that money, but they wasted it on a war looking for non-existant WMDs and trying to secure the nation. But they have not succeeded, they have only left a huge debt for the country to pay off. And the nation will not be able to afford to travel into space for the foreseeable future due to the massive debt incurred in the name of fighting terrorism.

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