Debian Linux and Ubuntu issues.

Posted: October 30, 2010. At: 1:51 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 639
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I am posting a Debian Video right now, as I am seriously considering swapping Linux Mint for this distribution, it would provide the apt system for easy installation of software and solid stable and reliable kernel releases. I was considering BSD, but Linux is easier to install and use I think and would still be reliable enough of course for day to day usage. I was walking through the shopping mall one day and I looked at one of the big screens they have up showing advertisements and what-not and it was finished playing it’s video and the mplayer graphical gui was on the screen. They must be using Linux to run that screen, fair enough too.

Linux is more than reliable enough to use as a operating system for public information systems and kiosk Internet and information systems like tourist information. I have seen pictures on the Internet of things like this where they had information kiosks running Ubuntu making it more secure than Windows. Windows XP is getting a bit old now and should not be used too often on the Internet without a proper virus scanner and anti-malware software installed. I just wish they would fix the sound bugs on Ubuntu when running on a laptop, you plug in headphones and get no sound. That bug has been around for a while and has not been fixed yet, hopefully it will be eventually…

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