Christian dark ages set back humanity.

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The Stop Online Piracy Act is getting continued attention from Internet users like Chris Pirillo and others that are warning as many people as possible about this danger to Internet freedom that we face. The Muslim countries are trying this as well, they want to censor their web to stop porn and depravity from deprecating their way of life, the Muslims in Lakemba are proposing Sharia law in Australia to combat anti-Muslim values in Australian society. But that will take away our personal freedoms that are under attack already with the anti-terror measures that have been implemented to supposedly keep us safe. We do not need Muslims coming in and telling us how to run our own country. They should adapt to our laws and respect how we run our own country without changing the country they emigrated to into a new version of Afghanistan where they throw acid into the faces of 9 year old girls as punishment and bury women up to their necks in the ground and stone them to death for adultery. Their backward Flintstones country needs new leadership and a new religion based on tolerance and not hatred for non believers.

We need to understand that this war will only result in the destruction of the human race and everything that we hold dear. If we had not endured the Dark Ages and we had instead concentrated on scientific advancement we would be colonising the outer planets by now. That is a tragedy, like the burning of the Library of Alexandria by Christian terrorists that destroyed countless scrolls containing priceless information about science and technology that could have advanced humanity especially medicine. The ancient Egyptians had anaesthetic for operations and they even performed heart surgery. A stark contrast to the middle ages where patients endured torturous surgery with no relief. The Christian church has done more damage to humanity than any other organisation in history, we have been held back by the abbots and priests of old and it is about time that we moved away from the Christian church and explore space instead. The New Horizons craft will reach Pluto in 2015 and will give us a first look at this mysterious planetoid. That is what we must focus on, we have always been curious about the world around us and now we can see the outer planets in greater detail than ever before.

Pluto is visible from Earth but only as a faint speck, finally we will see what the mysterious planetoid really looks like close up answering many questions about the surface of Pluto and bring back incredible photos . The Voyager probes could not photograph Pluto as their course was to photograph Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto was outside the intended heading. I wish that Star Trek had visited Pluto, but I guess that we do not know what the surface looks like, but I would have enjoyed an episode that featured poor little Pluto. There is a planet further out than Pluto as Pluto is only rock and ice, making it too small to be disturbing the orbit of Neptune. I predict that a large cold planet will be discovered beyond the elliptical orbit of Pluto, a planet with a surface temperature of -257 degrees Celsius. The surface temperature of Pluto is -230 degrees Celsius so anything beyond that will be seriously cold. Of course there could not be any life that far out, unless it had Helium II blood. There was a science fiction story that built on that premise. The humans in Star ship Troopers had a base on Pluto, but the planetoid is really too cold to live on.

I know that your computer CPU and GPU would run nice and fast on Pluto, the cryogenic temperatures would make sure that any over-clocking done to the CPU would not result in overheating. Triton is another cold planet, the freezing atmosphere would be perfect for keeping your Nvida card from overheating. Space itself being a vacuum is actually a nice insulator, you would not freeze solid in space like the unfortunate captain in the movie Sunshine. You might eventually but not that fast. If you went outside on the surface of Pluto, you would be frozen as hard as rock. If someone knocked you over you would shatter like glass. But that is life on the outer rim of the Solar System, the only companion you have is intense cold and the tiny bright speck of the Sun. I would like to visit Pluto in a spacecraft and see that tiny planet for myself, but it will be a long time until the technology exists to enable humans to travel to the edge of the Solar System in one day. Warp Drive is still a long way in the future, we will have to invent something like that to have any hope of reaching the stars in any human lifespan.

Once we have achieved that we will become a space faring race and leave all the wars and violence behind us. Unless we start a war in space that is. Those like me who have grown up watching Star Trek and the many documentaries about space travel and the consequences of astronauts that have spent time travelling at a very high speed through space and returning to Earth far in the future, what would they find if they returned to Earth 75,000 years after they left. An electromagnetic ram-scoop ship that left Earth and accelerated towards the centre of the galaxy at 1g, you could reach the centre of the Milky Way in about 25 years ship time, but 75,000 years would go by on Earth. That is a possible method of space travel, but the cost is the time it takes to travel that huge distance. And time dilation due to the huge speeds you eventually reach when you are constantly accelerating. So travel to other Solar Systems is possible, but it would still take some time for the ship to reach the destination.

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