Carbon tax to pass through senate.

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The new business of Carbon Trading and selling of carbon credits is a going to be a very large part of the future clean energy economy. Those who use less energy will pay less than the large polluters and there are many businesses springing up to take advantage of this new and developing industry, the trading of these credits will allow large businesses to build even more business in the future. There is much information out there on how to buy carbon credits to buy the right to emit a certain amount of C02 whilst putting a cap on such harmful emissions. One carbon credit is equal to one metric ton of C02 emitted into the atmosphere, the trading of carbon credits is trading the right to emit the amount of C02 you have purchased in the form of the carbon credits. This website: Carbon Credits. Is the place to go for much more information on the carbon trading system.

The global climate is changing and we need to do something, despite all the controversy over the climate change reality and the leaked E-Mails from the University of Anglia. But the sea level is rising and we need to take action to reduce the damage that could be caused by wave action on our beaches. The houses built along the sea shore are being swallowed by the rising seas and those people are being displaced along with the inhabitants of low lying islands in the pacific that are finding their homes slowly sinking underwater. That will result in many peoples of the Earth becoming climate refugees that will have to move to America or Australia and start a new life there. The sinking of coastal towns and cities will result in huge bills for resettlement of the affected people, this will make a huge dent in the finances of many countries.

Australia is set to pass the carbon tax bill through the Senate and this will put the new tax in effect from July 2012. Julia Gillard is a strong proponent of the carbon tax and she will undoubtedly be pleased that this new tax will pass. The Opposition in Parliament is trying to exempt electricity generators from having to pay for permits, but this will have to be worked out very soon as the Government wants the tax through and it will not be repealed. Julia Gillard has worked hard to pass this new tax on carbon and she will have to be pleased that this has passed and now we can tax the big polluters and reduce carbon emissions. The tax revenues from a carbon tax can be used to compensate low income earners to offset the higher costs associated with a tax on carbon. China is planning to introduce a carbon tax from 2012 or 2013. India put into place a tax on carbon on July 1 2010, this tax is worth 50 rupees for every metric tonne of carbon both produced and imported into India.

Also South Korea is planning a price on carbon and many countries in Europe have implemented energy taxes and taxes based partly on carbon emissions. The European countries have not been able to create uniform taxes based on carbon emissions though, but this is a step in the right direction. Denmark and Finland have also implemented a price on carbon emissions and once Australia and China have carbon taxes, then all the big polluters will be paying the price for large emissions of carbon pollution. We need to take action now before this change in climate gets out of hand and we face a crisis that will impact considerably on our way of life. The Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands are another two countries that have a price on carbon, they introduced their taxes in 2010 & 1990 respectively.

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