Broadband NBN and Slow Internet.

Posted: November 10, 2010. At: 3:40 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 676
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The Australian Telstra Corporation is planning a Plan B in case the National Broadband Network does not go ahead as planned. There are many other things that need fixing in Australia right now, but they are only worried about the faster broadband connections they can offer, although the mobile network will be upgraded to 4G which offers 100 megabits per second, a huge improvement over 3G mobile broadband, which I use on my Samsung i560 mobile phone, having iGoogle on the move is very convenient and useful. It would be useful to Australia, which is quite a large country and is needing good Internet infrastructure to serve a large and widely spread nation with large population centres around the rim and very large empty spaces in the centre with huge properties with farming families that are taught via the School of the Air. A super-fast Internet infrastructure would enable real-time video conferencing in high definition enabling the teacher to talk to the students in full motion video. That would be a huge plus in terms of the student being engaged in the lecture and responding to the teacher also in HD and this would be the future of education. Better than 8 Megabits per second Internet speeds we get now, when South Korea has probably got 1 Gigabit speeds by 2009. Japan has had super fast Internet for ages now.

And I am tired of the slower Internet, especially when you want to download something like Desktop BSD, which is 1.8 Gigabytes, or Windows 7 X64. But it is so good that I can use the Optus broadband dongle on Linux Mint 9 and surf the web wirelessly with Linux instead of using Windows that is prone to viruses and malware.

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