Blogilo blogging client and Gnome Shell desktop setup.

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The KDE Blogilo blogging client is a very easy and quick blogging client for the KDE desktop. With a self hosted WordPress setup like I have you have a very easy setup. Just click Blog-> New Blog and fill in the URL of your blog page and the username and password and click auto configure. This will query the server and retrieve the settings for your particular blog setup. if the setup is successful, the list of blog posts will be retrieved and then you will be free to type a new post and submit it to your website. I have version 1.0.1 on KDE 4.6.5. I had some problems with this application before, but that was with my old server on, now that I am on a better hosting service it is working perfectly. This application provides spellchecking and other formatting options along the main toolbar as you would expect as well as a HTML editor tab and post preview for checking your formatting changes.

Overall, this is a very good solution for submitting your blog posts easily, without too much stress.

Post-installation setup for Gnome Shell desktop.

More nice information here about setting up Gnome Shell. The information presented at this link is applicable to Ubuntu, but the Ubuntu distribution uses the Unity interface and anyone who has used that will be very eager to replace it.

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