Blade Runner styled movies no longer made?

Posted: April 10, 2011. At: 9:06 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1220
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Blade Runner Deckard. After watching the Blade Runner movie I am wondering why we never see movies like this these days. Nowadays the movies showing the future never show it like the Blade Runner movie ever did. The dystopian future shown in the Blade Runner movie with the crumbling buildings and dark rainy weather is very different to the sterile and bright future shown in Star Trek. That series always shows the future where there is no trash laying around and everything is tidied and the green-keepers have trimmed the grass to perfection everywhere and the whole city is a picture postcard. We are in the year 2011 and our world is far from that idealistic picture of the future shown in that television series. We have oceans clogged with trash and plastic that is getting into the food chain, and the Gulf oil spill that released flesh eating bacteria into the ocean. We need to move away from the current disposable society we live in and clean up the planet if we want to be able to live here much longer. We are poisoning the planet and it is the only one we have to live on. But it is an awesome movie and has a good and wholesome message of love that is sadly missing in our modern world that is more focused on the sporting stars and Justin Beiber than any scientific achievements that could save us in the future. There is that 12 year old boy that is trying to disprove the theory of relativity. But the theory of relativity is fixed and it is an established fact and will not be disproved just like that. There is a speed that light travels at and it is fixed. You can not sidestep it and travel to the stars anytime soon, traveling at the speed of light requires infinite energy and that is something we do not have.

Photons have no mass therefore they are easily accelerated to the speed of light, but a spaceship has mass and it can not travel anywhere near the speed of light and no technological achievement will help with this anytime soon, the Star Trek warp drive is also the stuff of fantasy as well as the countless “space drives” invented by science fiction authors to allow their characters to travel the universe. Some where quite inventive, but still strictly in the realms of fantasy.

I love Star Trek, but I know that warp drive does not exist and is based on some pseudoscience that has no basis in the real world, it is just for entertainment like “Professional” Wrestling. Although it does have some great story lines and some interesting races, they are all humanoid and only differ with some stuff on their foreheads and skin color. Only once have they encountered a squid type creature, I am not mentioning the pure energy creatures, but they could have any form, so I am not mentioning them so much. Humans differ greatly depending on where on Earth they live, so beings on another planet with maybe a different atmosphere and maybe a lower gravity would look quite different to us here on Earth. A being living on Mars would look very different to an earthling due to the lower gravity which is 1/3 that of Earth. The amount of radiation would be a factor as well, any creature living on Mars would be living underground to escape solar radiation including ultraviolet radiation. Apparently Nikola Tesla received a transmission from another planet, so there could be life out there, it is so far away that it might have died out by the time any transmission we sent in reply traveling at the speed of light would get there. The nearest star is 4.5 light years away and it would take the space shuttle 124,533 years to get to that star traveling at 22,000 Miles Per Hour. It would take 4.242 years to travel to that star at 99% of the speed of light, but as I have said, that speed is impossible to reach with current technology. We need to invent some whole new method of reaching speeds faster than light if we want to travel to distant stars.

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That is a good point, the Star Trek series uses SciFi propulsion techniques beyond our capabilities, but it gives us the yearning to explore space and see what is out there.

Thanks for your comment!

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