Australian labour government totally hopeless.

Posted: September 20, 2011. At: 3:33 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 1951
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If cloud computing is to take off then we need faster and more reliable Internet connections to able to E-Commute and have less people on the roads in the mornings and more people working from home. That would ease the strain on the public transport system and the ailing roads that are already worn down from heaps of trucks running on them, if they had kept the rail freight system going then we would not have that problem at all, now the train tracks are rusting away. Sort of like the country itself really, it needs an overhaul and a new government, getting rid of the Labour government for good is the first thing we really need, they are making electricity more and more expensive to pay for, they have blown out budgets; they have spent millions of dollars on infrastructure like the desalination plant at Kurnell and other wasted Labor projects. Julia Gillard and her cronies need to be kicked out and never return, we need someone in power who will repair the damage they have done to this country and get us back to the way we once were. And bring back rail freight and get some of the trucks off the roads and fix the ailing infrastructure that has been neglected for far too long by our hopeless Labor government.

This is happening more and more with the globalization of Australia, we are moving everything overseas instead of putting money into making this country rich. everything is being sold off at a bargain price. That is happening all the time as well as the failed labor projects like the millions of set-top boxes that were planned for the elderly to allow them to be able to enjoy free-view digital television. But the labor party are always trying to please the people with their stunts.

Read the rest here: $67m worth of set-top box red tape | This is another example of labor wasting taxpayer money on failed projects. The next election will be very interesting, not to forget they are trying to censor the Internet and suppress free speech that is critical of the hopeless labor administration. As outlined on this website.

But chains are what we will get under a labor governed Australia. The agenda of the labor party cronies and the greens is that of controlling the public and quelling any criticism of the current administration. the climate change con is another example, where people are forced to go with less power and take shorter showers to save the planet and cut carbon dioxide emission into the upper atmosphere even though carbon dioxide is heavier than air and does not rise into the upper atmosphere at all. So the advertisement on the television that shows the black balloons rising into the Earth`s atmosphere and polluting the air is bullshit. The plants we eat need CO2 to breathe and then they put out O2 that we breathe. That is why we need to stop cutting down the trees and use something else instead of wood to make paper. But the best thing we can do is not to take too much notice of the green agenda. Sure, we should save power and installing solar panels does not hurt, but taking it too far is not going to help Australia. China are still going to be putting out much more pollution than Australia and they have no CPRS and no plans for one either.

Conroy’s mandatory internet filter is yet another veiled attempt by the Left to control the narrative and censor criticism and debate. As has been said online Protesting the internet filter makes Hitler angry. But then we may soon have a pirate friendly ISP – Piratpartiet. The people will keep rising up against manipulative governments – we want freedom, not chains.

China are a huge manufacturing nation and construct many, many new coal fired power plants all the time but are implementing cleaner coal plants that use less coal to generate the same amount of power. That is something that we should have here. But our government is of course totally hopeless at managing anything.

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