Australian Internet filter flawed.

Posted: July 5, 2011. At: 10:27 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1712
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From Slashdot.

daria42 writes
“Remember how Australia’s planning to censor its Internet? Well, it looks as though the country’s second-largest ISP, Optus, has made a stumble right out of the gate. Optus today confirmed you could avoid its filtering technology simply by setting your PC to use a different DNS server than the default. Yup, it’s really that easy. Oops.” And why would anyone want to change their DNS settings? angry tapir writes “While the Australian Government has extolled the virtues of its now under construction National Broadband Network (NBN) in delivering e-health and government agency services to every Australian, adult content will be the major driver of consumer adoption.”

The Australian Internet filter is rolling out on the big two ISP`s and it has been revealed that if you change your DNS settings, the filter can be evaded. This is typical of the Australian government that is pandering to the Christian right and filtering porn websites and god knows what else in the quest to save us all from horrible naked women and breasts. Oh the horror, you would be destined for hell-fire if you saw something like that. How horrid, you should be saved from such horrible sights as naked humans and abortion websites. This is only on the two major ISP`s in Australia at the moment, Optus and Telstra, the others such as TPG & Internode have not rolled out filtering systems yet, but it is only a matter of time until this happens. We need a National Broadband Network to speed up the Internet in remote areas of Australia and allow better communications infrastructure to improve communications and education. The school of the air would benefit from high definition video calling allowing the teacher to communicate with the students live over the Internet, but this is dependent on being able to deliver the high-speed Internet to remote areas easily. Steven Conroy needs to just get the NBN delivered and not pander to right-wing extremist groups that are a group of prudes and are clinging to the Bible teachings and applying them to modern life instead of getting with the times. Sure we need to block child exploitation material, but not legal pornography that is all over the Internet. Some say the Internet is for Porn and this has been the case since the heydays of the Internet in the 90`s when there were many websites containing this material. According to this comment on Slashdot, there are many options for altering your DNS to work around the filter, this will work until they block that too, they will find some way to control the Internet. The government would rather roll out a filter that will be political suicide instead of doing something more useful and just hurry up with faster Internet instead of trying to block pornography websites that will fail miserably. Those who are using a DNS service or private VPN will be able to get around this filter easily.

We will see what happens when this is rolled out, and what the effects are on the Internet speeds.

More information: This link has a huge amount of links that will give more information about this whole debacle.

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