Antivirus to be built into Windows 8.

Posted: November 22, 2011. At: 2:58 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2210
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Chinese hacker text The Windows 8 operating system from Redmond will have the anti-virus included in the distributed OS instead of being available as a free download as it was with the Microsoft Security Essentials that I have used on Windows 7. This is causing a bit of debate on whether this is an anti-trust issue or not. This is not new, there was a simple anti-virus application bundled with Windows 3.1 named Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows, this was also a DOS 6.22 application that provided some protection from the viruses of the day. So anyone who calls this an anti-trust issue should remember that this is not new. Although the other anti-virus vendors might be upset that their business is stolen by Microsoft. I wonder if this will put the makers of Norton 360 out of business. The Windows 3.1 anti-virus is interesting, VET anti-virus for DOS was also very good at cleaning off viruses from my old DOS computer.

What do you think, Good idea or not?

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This is the best thing for Windows if the team can get the Windows operating sytem as secure as it should be. That has been a problem for a while.

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