American people slowly dying.

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Facebook failures. No wonder America is dying.
Facebook failures. No wonder Homeland is dying.

No wonder that the Homeland is dying, slowly replaced with the new superpowers like China and India. The majority of television is dumbed down execrable pap like Jersey Shore and more and more reality shows than fleas on a heath-cropper. The television that I watched as a child was full of incredible educational shows about the universe and especially the Leonard Nimoy hosted program that talked about ancient mysteries and tried to explain how the ancients where able to move 2000 ton stone blocks and build the terrace of Baalbek that is constructed as a stone platform with 700 metric ton stone blocks. The modern television viewer is told that ancient aliens where responsible for the construction of this gigantic structure, and that is the same hypothesis that Eric Von Daniken put forward in his book Chariots of the Gods. These days all they talk about in mainstream media is the sport results and dumbed down reality television, as well as the many indiscretions of the drug fuelled stars of the aforementioned television genre. It is unbelievable that many Americans believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth, but that is true.

They are the people swallowing and perpetuating the nonsense 2012 apocalypse rumours and the theory that the Large Hadron Collider will create a black hole and swallow the Earth. The truth is that a quantum black hole will dissipate as soon as it is created and will not grow to a large enough size to swallow the planet. The fact that many people care more about Jersey Shore and not about science is why China and India are overtaking America in terms of manufacturing and technology. We need to wake up and take back our country before it goes too far down the toilet. The news programs are always the same on every channel, they have news, ending with a cute animal story, the sport and then a weather segment, but the news is more entertainment. There is no real background information on what is going on, only horrid images of terrorist bombings and more border disputes. Then there is Mythbusters that is moving away from real science and towards Micheal Bay styled explosions and action with guns. The Discovery Channel, History Channel, not to mention the whole of cable television is mostly reality shows.

The whole media sea is permeated with this toxic sludge like the bacteria contaminated oil pouring out of the BP oil well. Then there are the many television shows like mean girls that promote a vacuous and uncaring attitude towards others, most television programs are promoting a materialistic attitude that causes viewers to want an item or product just because a famous person is selling it. Even though it may be substandard quality, the person watching the advertisement still wants the product due to the endorsement of a famous footballer or cricketer. The Homeland is obsessed with the sport of Football and they worship their favourite team whether it be the Celtics, Templars or the Braves. If they only knew more about the Knights Templar maybe they would wonder why a Football team was named that. People take their sport very seriously and there have been destructive riots after sports games have not gone the way the fans have desired. If only they put as much effort into fighting the decline of their country then it would not be a dictatorship with TSA agents frisking children for terrorist nukes and AK74 automatic weapons that might be hidden in their pants.

Stupid Fat American. Wake UP!

How did the Homeland get to this stage? Maybe the reasons are those outlined above, the dumbing down of the Homeland by the mass media and of course the poor excuse for “food” that is sold by Mcdonalds restaurants and the increase in drive through stores that are raising a generation of Homeland residents that are getting less and less exercise whilst eating more and more food. The levels of calories and fat in general in the foods these days is truly staggering, you can buy a hamburger in the Homeland that is the size of a small can of paint, eating that will put an enormous amount of calories into your body. The level of exercise that is required to burn off the calories put into your body by that monster burger is beyond most Homeland citizens, they just drive around in their SUVs and do not walk further than the distance from their house to their vehicle and back. If everything is available with drive through and with home delivery why should they walk anywhere? The below link is to a blog entry on that has a very good discussion of this issue. I hope that we can move past this phase soon or we will be living in an idiocracy.

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