AMD 7GHZ Overclock.

Posted: December 27, 2010. At: 10:54 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 814
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This is an epic video of the AMD CPU being overclocked to 7GHZ. This is truly incredible and shows what you can do with super-cold liquid helium. Although, we will undoubtedly have processors as fast as this soon anyway, it would be hard to imagine gaming with such a CPU. With super fast GPU’s in modern gaming PC’s the quality of graphics will be approaching photo-realism. But this is only good if the quality of gameplay is kept the same, which seems to be lacking these days. The game companies are only rehashing the same games over and over again, they are even redoing Super Mario. Mario is a good game I guess, but I want to see something come out that is revolutionary and provides awesome and memorable gameplay. Why can’t someone make an original game that will make people go, what is that!

Doom was revolutionary in it’s day, it was the first FPS game that brought incredibly scary gameplay and horrific satanic imagery to computer screens. Playing that game on a 14″ screen was awesome, now I play it at 1280*1024 in OpenGL. You can run the game on a PSP, PSX, Iphone 4 and that was undreamt of in 1994. But then again, who would of thought that a 7GHZ overclock was possible back then? But things are easy at -233.C.

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