ACTA Bill to remove Internet freedom.

Posted: January 8, 2011. At: 12:06 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 854
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Internet Freedom.

Our freedom to share information on the Internet is at risk and we need to do something. Visit and sign the petition to stop this being forced on us. Sure they want to go after those of us that want to torrent movies and share music, but they will not stop there. We need to fight for our freedom and keep the Internet open.

If this passes they will take down giant swathes of content like Youtube, which is full of pirated material and torrent sites as well as websites like which link to downloads of MP3 music. Then they will extend the reach of this legislation and cover other areas of the Internet to crush the freedom of the users. No longer will you be able to do a quick torrent search & download for that essential piece of software you need, you will be forced to pay for everything you need and your freedom will be impinged by this bill.

I just got the Lexx TV series soundtrack and I now remember why I loved this series when I watched it on pay TV, back in the days when Austar and Foxtel was worth watching.  Now it is just brainless reality TV on every channel and nothing really worth watching at all, I only have FreeView now and there is nothing to watch on that either except the news and Mythbusters. But I love Mythbusters and always tune in when I can to see what they are up to. I liked the episode where they crushed a car betwixt two trucks going as fast as they could. And then smashing a car with a 650MPH rocket sled. Here is a good website blog with a very useful HTML entities encoder/decoder.

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