A look at the new Windows 8 interface.

Posted: June 2, 2011. At: 11:29 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1473
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This is the future of the Windows user interface, a Iphone styled touch screen design that makes the most of the recent developments in touch screens that are famously used on the Apple Iphone and Ipad. This moves away from the classic Windows design with the task-bar at the bottom and icons on the desktop. This could be uncomfortable to use on a large high-resolution screen that is sitting on your desk at a comfortable distance, my 17″ screen is just out of arms reach and it is at a perfect distance to make the screen text readable, but if I wanted to have it act as a touch-screen it would need to be much closer to my computer chair and I would get tired quickly if I had to touch the screen to get things done for many hours sitting at the computer desk. Maybe this would be better if it was a flat desk like the surface computing demoed a while ago. I would hope that there would be a more comfortable way of using the touch-screen without too much user fatigue. I can see how this would be very good on a tablet PC, but not on a main desktop machine, I mean how would you type up a long document without a keyboard? I guess you could have the keyboard appear on the screen taking up half of the screen real-estate but that would not be ideal. The first computer I used had a a keyboard and later on I was introduced to the mouse and I would hate using this new touch system with no alternative.

A lot of computers these days still use Windows XP, so it would be a while before this new Windows 8 system was widely used anyway, if a 10-year-old Windows operating system is still in wide usage then most places where you use someone else`s computer like a town library will hardly be updating to this for a long time. tablet PC`s are not the only machines out there. And how would you play FPS games on this? Pro gamers use keyboard and mouse, this will not change for a very long time as aiming rockets at your enemies is just perfect with that aforementioned control method and judging from my experiences trying to play racing games on a touch screen mobile `phone the touch screen will not work for gaming at all. If this is the future of computer interfaces, then I am sticking with my current Fedora Core 15 Xfce desktop and I will use Windows 7 for tasks requiring using that OS like gaming. But this new interface means that you will need to purchase all new hardware to use this new Windows release. Talk about making a profit from Windows. The Gnome 3 interface is annoying, but not as bad as this looks. Bye Bye Windows 8 you look too much like an Iphone now. A lot of computers are used for a lot more than just browsing Facebook and listening to Lady Gaga, why would you want a Iphone styled interface with giant icons and rectangles on your desktop representing various tasks instead of the tried and true Windows 2000 styled task-bar and start menu system? There was Windows `95, `98 Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, that had this simple and usable interface and it was just fine, now why do they want to change just to follow Apple? Did they see the sales figures of the Ipad and Iphone and decide to go down that road themselves with their own crappy touch-screen interface that will probably fail miserably. Microsoft should improve the user education and security of their operating systems instead of implementing a stupid new design that is ugly and clunky.

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I guess they will have to improve on the already excellent Microsoft Security Essentials and create a very good security suite that will give enough security.

Thanks for your post!

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