Creating a new distribution with SUSE Studio and thoughts on customising Linux with themes.

I am creating a Linux distribution at the moment using SUSE Studio, this one has the Gnome 3.8 desktop. Apparently that is the desktop that OpenSUSE uses with the 12.3 release. I am currently downloading the first build and I will have a look and see how it has turned out with a live USB/DVD […]

Windows 8 file manager versus Unity`s Nautilus.

The Windows 8 explorer file manager has the ribbon interface and is very cluttered compared to the Nautilus file manager that Unity uses. I have been using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build 8250 and it is fairly stable, I have only had one crash and I got to see the whole new BSOD screen […]

The future of the Linux desktop and a look back.

The year of the Linux desktop seems to be getting further and further away, the Linux/UNIX operating system being a super secure alternative to the leaking and insecure Windows operating system. The powers that be want to make all computers an appliance instead of remaining a fully fledged desktop workplace. Sure, the tablet computers are […]

Redmond still pursuing UEFI secure boot.

Redmond are at it again. They are still planning to use UEFI secure boot to lock down ARM powered devices and prevent them from booting, or even allowing the installation of Linux or UNIX based operating systems. This is part of a plan by Microsoft to block the installation of open source operating systems and […]

Windows 8 vs Gnome 3/Shell.

The Windows 8 interface will be the much talked about Metro design, and like it or not it will be the default when you start up your Windows 8 box. Applications started in Windows 8 will keep on running after you have “closed” them until they are needed again. This is quite different from Linux […]

UEFI secure boot locking out Linux users.

Microsoft are backing a Secure Boot system that will lock computers into running Windows 7 or 8 and this will prevent the installation of Linux/UNIX or any other free open source operating system. Microsoft can not secure their own operating system properly so they want to lock out other operating system vendors and force everyone […]

windows 8 alpha leak september 2011.

Windows 8 Metro User Interface.

The alpha build of Windows 8 has been leaked onto the world wide web. The previews are available here:, later today. They are incomplete developer builds, so do not expect to be able to install these and run your business or other critical applications, but they are perfect for testing out the new features […]

A look at the new Windows 8 interface.

This is the future of the Windows user interface, a Iphone styled touch screen design that makes the most of the recent developments in touch screens that are famously used on the Apple Iphone and Ipad. This moves away from the classic Windows design with the task-bar at the bottom and icons on the desktop. […]