14468376_10103136675908131_1017204796411632535_o Why pay for air conditioning when you can just build a data center near the Arctic Circle and pump in the frosty winds? That’s why Facebook created these massive fans for its Luleå, Sweden data center. In hopes of proving that Facebook’s 10-year plan goes way beyond the News Feed, Mark Zuckerberg has begun sharing rare photos of the company’s technology. Here’s his… Read More

A new version of ownCloud community edition has been released, and it
brings a number of important updates, new features and security
improvements. The result is a more useful and safe environment for
collaboration and cloud storage.

A new report shows that ‪#‎Microsoft‬ offered the ‪#‎NSA‬ direct access to #Outlook.com, ‪#‎Skype‬, ‪#‎SkyDrive‬ accounts. Microsoft has denied the accusations – What do you think, is this true? http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-Offered-the-NSA-Direct-Access-to-Outlook-com-Skype-SkyDrive-Accounts-Report-367531.shtml. This could be true, this is part of the patriot Act and shows that the United States government does care about terrorism. But they are …

Apple have launched a service called iCloud that allows users to store their data on a server in the cloud rather like the Ubuntu One service that Canonical have released for Ubuntu users. This is available for Apple iOS 5 and stores all of your documents, music and movies and makes them available over a …