Installing Ubuntu Server on a HP BL35p Blade Server and how to connect Ubuntu to a DNS Server.

I have been experimenting with the installation of Ubuntu Server onto a HP BL35P blade server and the process has been quite a learning experience indeed. The need to use the HP SmartStart CD to erase the RAID array on the server before the installation is different from your run of the mill desktop machine […]

Ubuntu 12.10 to keep the Grub2 bootloader. And it looks like the Amazon advertisements are here to stay.

The Ubuntu 12.10 Linux distribution looks set to keep the Grub2 bootloader; the controversial UEFI Secure Boot system looked set to jeopardise the presence of the easy to use Grub2 bootloader; but the Canonical developers have come to their senses and decided to keep the Grub2 bootloader after all. They were planning to use an […]

Using apt-get over a proxied Internet connection. This is easy.

How to use the Debian apt command over the Internet through a proxy. If you wish to use the apt-get command on Linux and you are behind a proxy like at a college, then this simple tweak will take care of this issue. Use the sudo touch /etc/apt/apt.conf command to create the apt configuration file […]

Fedora 15 Gnome 3 desktop.

The Fedora 15 Gnome desktop is very different to the earlier Gnome 2 desktop environment. After I installed the distribution, I had to change the /etc/hosts file to allow the Midnight Commander to load, as the hostname was not correctly defined in /etc/hosts. The settings below are what I had to define to get the […]