NSA equating Linux use with terrorism.

The NSA are equating Linux users with terrorists. This after they created the NSA Selinux security framework for Linux machines around the world. They are monitoring the visitors of the website http://www.linuxjournal.com and flagging them as terrorists and putting them on a watchlist. This is a quite concerning development. Linux users are usually more experienced […]

ASIO wanting more powers for surveillance of Internet users.

The ASIO spy agency is asking Australian ISPs to log all the data that travels to and fro from a users computer. This would require an astronomical amount of storage space if this is to be taken literally. But they are just interested in fighting terrorism by monitoring all Internet traffic that passes through Australian […]

Department of Homeland security monitoring social media and blogs.

The Department of Homeland Security is using new resources to watch social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter as well as blogs for any postings that show dissent. They really have gone insane, they are always asking for more and more powers to crush dissent and they are invading the privacy of air travellers with […]