How to use the ip command to bring down an interface on RHEL.

The ip command is a useful alternative to the ifconfig command and allows the user to manage network interfaces. This is a good way to use the command line to bring network interfaces up or down. In this example I am bringing the network interface down. [[email protected] jason]# ip link set eno16777736 down [[email protected] jason]# […]

Simple program to return the IP address of an interface.

This program will return the IP address of a specified network interface. Use the –ip parameter to get the IP. For example, this will show the IP address of an ethernet interface: ./a.out –ip eth0. #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> /* for strncpy */ #include <unistd.h> // for close #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <sys/ioctl.h> #include […]

Cisco access control lists I have worked out.

These Cisco ACL`s are to block ICMP ping requests from a certain IP address. I developed these experimenting with GNS3. I had two Cisco 3750 routers in GNS3 and I added static IP addresses. for the R1 router and for R2. I then added the ACL lists to R1 and ran the write-memory […]

Adding an IP address to the management interface for a Cisco switch.

Adding an IP address to the management interface of a Cisco switch allows connection over an Ethernet connection to manage the switch configuration. Firstly, switch to privileged exec mode. tyrion>en tyrion# Then enter the configure terminal command to configure terminal settings. tyrion#configure terminal Now we are configuring settings for vlan 99. tyrion(config)#interface vlan 99 Now […]

How the design of the user interface has changed from the olden days of the computer.

The computer user interface has come a long way since the early days of the computer. This has not always been for the best. The iMac screen below shows a good example of UI design. This is a very usable and fast interface. The Finder allows you to find applications easily and also navigate the […]

A look at MIR running on Ubuntu 13.10. A cool new way to use the Unity interface.

New Ubuntu `phone distribution demo at CES 2013.

New Ubuntu `phone distribution released. The future of the operating system is mobile.

The Ubuntu phone distribution is soon to be released to the public; this is a Linux distribution that can scale from a phone to a desktop computer with the one desktop interface. This will be a whole new paradigm of operating systems; designed for the desktop and also capable of installation onto a mobile device […]

New Ubuntu phone and tablet distribution unveiled. This looks very promising.

Computer interface used in the Avengers movie and thoughts on the touch interface. Some information here about the user interfaces used in the Avengers movie. These touch screen interfaces were used a lot in the movie. The touch screen computer model is all the rage at the moment even if it is not that useful when using a computer for a long period. Especially when using a […]

BASH Shell is better than Powershell and discussion of the Linux desktop versus Windows.

The Powershell for Windows has many useful features for controlling your Windows computer; with many cmdlets and scripting ability; but the BASH shell for Linux is already an established shell that is far more powerful and useful. The downside to the Powershell is that it does not seem to have an implementation of grep. Without […]

The Graphical User Interface has come a long way since Windows ’95.

The Windows '95 desktop. Look at those icons...

The graphical user interfaces that we all enjoy have come a long way since the existence of the Windows ’95 operating system pictured on this page. Computing in those days was an exercise in frustration trying to get the various drivers installed and configured and adjusting the darned IRQs to Getting hardware to cooperate. Nowadays […]

New Windows 8 interface and getting the start menu back.

This is what the new copy dialog looks like on Windows 8. The actual process of copying this amount of data over a USB 3.0 connection was actually very fast, the previous versions of Windows were slower at copying data, but now it is getting faster. And I was copying from a 8 GiB USB […]

New Ubuntu HUD to enable context search of menus.

This is a video showcasing the new HUD, or Heads Up Display that the Ubuntu developers have created. This requires the Unity desktop though… Instead of browsing the menus, you just type in the HUD that you bring down with the Alt key and this allows you to search the applications menus for whatever function […]

Thoughts on the Ubuntu Unity design.

I have had a look at the newest version of the Ubuntu Unity interface and it is not the theme-able interface that the Gnome 2 and Xfce desktops are. When I had Gentoo installed with the Gnome 2 desktop, the GDM theme selector was enabled, allowing you to select any theme you wanted for the […]

Installing Gnome Shell desktop in Ubuntu.

To install the Gnome Shell desktop interface in Ubuntu, and replace the horrible Unity interface which is only uniting Linux users in the common hatred of the Ubuntu distribution and driving users to the Linux Mint alternative in droves then simply install the packages thus: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell Then the desktop may be loaded […]

New Youtube look. Very different but nice.

What do you think?

A look at the new Windows 8 interface.

This is the future of the Windows user interface, a Iphone styled touch screen design that makes the most of the recent developments in touch screens that are famously used on the Apple Iphone and Ipad. This moves away from the classic Windows design with the task-bar at the bottom and icons on the desktop. […]