Gnome 3 will not span across dual monitors properly. Fix this Gnome!

This is what Gnome 3 looks like on dual monitors, the wallpaper is spanned across both screens on the wide desktop but the Gnome panels are stuck on one screen.  This is one of the consequences of developing a desktop for touch devices that can not use dual screens, you only see these bugs on […]

Thoughts on the Ubuntu Unity design.

I have had a look at the newest version of the Ubuntu Unity interface and it is not the theme-able interface that the Gnome 2 and Xfce desktops are. When I had Gentoo installed with the Gnome 2 desktop, the GDM theme selector was enabled, allowing you to select any theme you wanted for the […]

Trying out Gnome 3 again.

I have decided to try this desktop out once again, even though it is not to everyone`s taste. I have switched to The Mist metacity theme and the Raleigh GTK theme. Pop up dialog windows appear and disappear very quickly indeed and the desktop is quite responsive after all. The only gripe I have with […]

Are we really progressing with the Unity/Gnome 3 mess?

The Ubuntu Unity interface has caused a stir in technology circles with the Mac OS X styled interface that works quite differently to Gnome 2. At least they got rid of the April fools circular windows. The Gnome 3 interface may be bad, but the Windows 8 Metro interface is even worse. But we will […]

Gnome 3 traditional layout in Ubuntu 11.10?

This is a good question, should they add the traditional Gnome 3 layout in Ubuntu 11.10? Linux Mint are staying with the traditional layout when they switch to Gnome 3 and Ubuntu should keep the traditional layout as well, the simpler design of Gnome 2 over Unity is why I prefer to stick with it […]

Fedora 16 Alpha released.

The Alpha release of Fedora Core 16 has been released with Gnome 3.1.4 and it is not impressing anyone so far, the Gnome 3/Unity desktop is a step backwards compared to the Gnome 2.30 desktop that it is gradually replacing. The CPU and graphics grunt required to work compared to Gnome 2 and Xfce is […]

Linux is getting bloated.

Is there a real reason the Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint & Fedora have to be so bloated? The Debian distribution is very fast and usable compared to the Ubuntu distribution that has moved from the Gnome 2.32.1 desktop environment to the Unity desktop that has created some controversy of late. The Ubuntu 11.10 […]