My thoughts on the Unity desktop, the lack of customization sucks.

I am trying out the Ubuntu Unity desktop again, in Ubuntu 11.10, the design is starting to grow on me, I recently bought a copy of Ubuntu user magazine that came with a copy of Ubuntu 11.10 with extra software included and I decided to try it out. I have not had any problems with […]

Ubuntu 11.10 wallpaper I have created.

Small creek after nightfall.

This is a nice Ubuntu 11.10 wallpaper I have created. I hope you like this one, I enjoyed taking this picture so that you could have this image.

Lovely walking track. Nice Ubuntu 11.10 wallpaper.

A nice wallpaper for the Ubuntu 11.10 distribution. I hope you like it.

Ubuntu 11.10 to be released in October 13th.

The Release of the 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is due on the 13th of October, bringing with it the Gnome 3 desktop and many other cool updates. Support for the Arm CPU architecture. This is used by many tablet computers and this will allow installation of Ubuntu onto these machines. Also included is the latest OpenStack […]

Another good wallpaper for Ubuntu 11.10.

Another wallpaper I made for Debian/Ubuntu users.

Linux is everywhere.

Linux is truly everywhere, even on the airlines. This is a photograph taken on Vietnam airlines where the entertainment system appears to be running a variant of Red Hat Linux. The system is booting up and loading the kernel and the various services are loading and it seems to be trying to access a SD […]

Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 11.10 repositories.

I have found a blog here: that has an interesting article about the Gnome Shell that is now available in the repositories for Ubuntu 11.10. The Gnome Shell is available in Fedora 15, and is arguably better than the bloated and buggy Unity desktop. The screenshot on the page even looks just like Fedora […]