Youtube buffering extremely slow compared to Vimeo. Why is this so?

Posted: July 7, 2014. At: 9:19 AM. This was 3 years ago. Post ID: 7494
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Youtube lately has been buffering extremely slowly. This is due to an unknown cause at Googles end. I can try to watch a 480p video on Youtube and it will take ages to buffer; but if I go to Vimeo; a HD video will load instantly and buffer with lightning speed. I wish that Vimeo had the same volume of content that Youtube does. This is very annoying though; Youtube is a great place to get access to countless music tracks and rare movies and TV shows, but if they buffer so slowly what is the point of trying to access them? Google really need to fix this, I want to watch videos on Youtube and I am forced to put up with very slow buffering. I watched a cute cat video in HD on Vimeo and it loaded instantly. That is awesome. More people should use that website instead of Youtube, the speed and simplicity is amazing. But all of the cool Doom 2 speedruns and lets plays are on Youtube. So people are clearly putting up with this lack of speed for the ability to listen to music and watch cat videos. But I am really getting annoyed with this. I bought a new router and this enhanced my Internet speed, but Youtube is still as slow as ever.

Quite embarrassing if you want to try and use Youtube as a demonstration of Internet speed. This addon for Firefox though will help with the buffering problem. I just installed this on Firefox 30 and it works perfectly. You can play a large video easily on your broadband connection: So this is one solution. Setting the DNS values in your router to the Google DNS is another suggested solution; but this really does not help. The Youtube Center addon is the only real way to enable better Youtube playback. It also allows you to download Youtube videos. It has been mentioned that due to the popularity of Youtube; it could be overwhelmed with users accessing video content and this could be putting a great strain on Google`s network. A faster Internet backbone would help considerably. NASA has access to a 91 Gigabit per second network called ESnet:, this offers massive bandwidth for sharing large amounts of data to and fro between research facilities. 91 Gigabits per second is far faster than the 10 Gigabits per second Google Fiber. of course; if everyone got that then we could share even larger files around and this would still be saturated in time; but it would help considerably with the use of the Internet.

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