Why is Microsoft attempting to force Windows 10 updates upon the users of Windows 7 and 8?

Posted: May 3, 2016. At: 11:11 AM. This was 2 years ago. Post ID: 9037
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Why is the giant Microsoft corporation attempting to force Windows 10 updates upon everyone? If it is to use Windows 10 to spy upon the users, then this does not make any sense. They could just include an update for Windows 7 or 8 that would include such telemetry software functionality. I guess they are forcing the updates so that they do not need to support older versions of Windows. Microsoft do not want another Windows XP fiasco, where Windows XP was generally released for retail sale on October 25, 2001. And it is still installed on machines all over the world, even though it is no longer supported and is vulnerable to many attacks. But Windows 10 is not much better, the password encryption scheme is the same as Windows XP and can be cracked in the same fashion, in the same amount of time. So, no change there. Just Cortana and a new Windows theme. I will stick with Windows 7 for Windows tasks, it is still supported until 2020 and therefore is just fine. I do not need Directx 12 and upgrading to Windows 10 will take too long.

I remember using Windows 3.0 on a 386 machine, that was quite a change from the DOS environment I was used to before, using Doublespace to increase my 40 megabyte HDD to 80 megabytes. Now I have a 2 terabyte Windows 7 partition and the same size for my Ubuntu 16.04 installation. How times have changed. Thanks to Josh Mayfield, creator of GWX Control Panel for giving Windows 7 users the ability to remove the Windows 10 upgrade icon and disabling the automatic upgrade. This gives the users back their freedom of choice. I have used this on my Windows 7 machine and I got rid of the automatic upgrade system very easily, I can still install updates to Windows 7, but I do not need to worry about automatic upgrades. I mean, what if you really need your machine to do work and the automatic upgrade starts? The user would need to cancel it somehow and then it might cause serious problems. In the old days, the computer owner would have to go out and purchase a new CD containing a Windows upgrade and then go home and install it. This would place the old Windows installation in the Windows.old directory, but nowadays, with fast ADSL and fibre Internet, Microsoft expect us to upgrade Windows in place.

Forcing an upgrade of the fundamental part of a computer, the operating system is not to be taken lightly, I mean I upgraded Ubuntu 15.04 to 16.04 in place, but I knew what I was doing. Not everyone wants to do this with a Windows machine. According to this article, rolling back after a Windows 10 upgrade installation can sometimes wreck data and leave your system in an inconsistent state. Not a good look for the future operating system from Microsoft. That is why GWX Control Panel was invented. For freedom of choice.

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