The Best Private Jet Charter Apps Available.

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Yes, there’s an app for that; even if you are attempting to book a private jet charter. There have been a number of recent app launches that provide passengers with a quicker, less expensive and more efficient method of booking private business jets. This technology has given businessmen, vacationers and the wealthy similar options as commercial airline apps.

App Benefits

There are many benefits to using the following applications. First, you have the convenience of being able to book a flight from any location at any time of day or night. Second, many of these applications will find discounted seats on jets that are not completely full. This often pulls the price down to the cost of a first class seat on a commercial jet. Third, these apps can easily book a private jet chart for a team of individuals on short notice. It is simply a matter of booking and going to the designated airport of travel. Finally, these applications are even easier to use than web-based flight booking systems.

Best Jet Charter Apps Available

Surprisingly, there are a number of private jet charter applications available for the iPhone and Android platforms. The best of these apps include:

  • AirPartner
  • BlackJet
  • Fresh Jets
  • Jetsmarter
  • Privatefly


The AirPartner app makes the entire experience of booking a private jet charter much easier, cost-effective and more efficient. Users have access to thousands of aircrafts globally and the app can help plan your journey while providing instant quotes. One nice feature on the AirPartner app is the ability to utilize optional GPS to locate the nearest airports, view aircraft options, analyze flight times and view real-time availability.


BlackJet has taken this concept a step further by offering a guaranteed seat on a private business jet flying between two cities. The idea behind this app is to provide the convenience of a private jet with a price that is more aligned with first class. The app allows you to book a seat in a matter of seconds the have your itinerary prior to the trip. All seats are guaranteed as long as two days’ notice has been given.

Fresh Jets

According to CEO and cofounder of Fresh Jets, Timmy Wozniak, 1/3 of all private jet flights are flown empty. Therefore, by connecting travelers with these empty seats, fuller flights can be flown between two destinations. Membership to the application is free and it does not retain money from the traveler. Instead, the app makes its money from the jet operators who offer discounted empty leg flights.


Using a powerful search engine, customers can create travel routes in real-time, filter flight results by date, times and one-way, round-trip and multi-leg trips. Clients have the option of selecting a specific aircraft from the manufacturer, model, number of passengers, year and interior. The app provides instant pricing from over 3,000 carriers globally, fixed pricing options, a customizable message center and special offers.


PrivateFly compares over 7,000 aircrafts to provide the best possible options for each client on each flight. The company was only founded in 2008 and has won several service awards. This app delivers a fast response speed, jet pricing policy, an impressive safety record to protect its customers and extensive partnerships with over 2,000 carriers globally.

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