Snapchat database compromised. Censored database dump leaked onto the Internet.

Posted: January 1, 2014. At: 5:01 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6809
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Snpachat database dump available.
Snapchat database dump available.

The picture sharing website Snapchat has been compromised. This hack has leaked data on all of the users online. This shows that the staff of this website do not care about security at all. And he turned down 4 billion dollars from Facebook, but will the website be worth that much now? I hope that the full uncensored database dump is released. It would be interesting to see what passwords users really use. There is a database dump available at, this website keeps going down under the strain of traffic. But this is a very popular download. Importing this into MySQL or MSSQL Server would be interesting. You may try an alternate download link here:!dcUhWabJ!dgiGrQCbRm6RqWCssewbmWzfV48B_BXK3wppZOtKpuo. This is interesting. The administrators of that website seem to be unbek├╝mmert as far as the security threats to their organization are concerned. This goes to show that you should not use this website. There are other sites for sharing images that are more secure.

Snapchat database sample.
Snapchat database sample.

There is a screenshot below that shows what the database dump looks like. This is a massive Microsoft Excel file. I got an error when loading this into Excel 2007, and I could not load the entire thing. I wish there was an SQL dump available instead. But this is a legit download. You can see passwords, but not much other information. Still, this is concerning.

More information:

Snapchat DB passwords.
Snapchat DB passwords.

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