Set up the package manager in FreeBSD 10.3 after installation.

Posted: May 23, 2016. At: 1:38 PM. This was 2 years ago. Post ID: 9148
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The package manager in FreeBSD 10.3 is very effective and easy to use for setting up your FreeBSD 10.3 system. Here is how to install it.

type this command as root.


This will install the pkg package management system.

Then, once that has completed, type this command to update the package repositories information.

pkg update

Then you may install packages thusly.

pkg install mc nmap firefox

Installed packages may be upgraded with this command.

pkg upgrade

If you wish to uninstall Firefox for example, use this command.

pkg delete firefox

FreeBSD also includes a security auditing framework! To audit installed packages, use this command.

pkg audit -F

If you have uninstalled a package and dependencies were left behind, use this commmand to automatically remove dangling dependencies.

pkg autoremove

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