Internet censorship on the horizon. What will happen to online privacy?

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Now, we must convince Congress to stop the FCC. Can you display an alert?

With the NSA monitoring the Internet and usage of the encrypted TOR network rising; the people are waking up to the reality of total government control of the Internet. But the SSL encryption on the Internet that secures communications between a computer user and the server has been broken by the NSA. This means that the government can spy on anyone even with an encrypted connection. But SSL is the best defense against data theft. There has been a case where a man was researching his Thesis and he asked Facebook for his personal data. They sent him a 1,200 page PDF file containing everything. That is quite a funny story, but this shows the growing interest in the government control of the Internet. It started with SOPA and SIPA and now the Internet censorship debacle has turned into Internet monitoring. The aforementioned TOR network has been compromised; apparently; the NSA are running end nodes on this formerly private network. This means that the growing userbase of TOR are not really private. They are having their data transmissions monitored by the NSA and stored in the giant Utah data center.

The TOR network is a private distributed network of computers that route data between nodes creating a private network of computers. You may download the TOR bundle here: You just have to be careful when using this as with any electronic network. They are all monitored. Our Internet could end up like China; with tough restrictions on what you can search for and access. The TOR network is a place that fosters freedom of speech and that must be protected. We do not want to live under a dictatorship that wants to control everything that we watch and read. The Internet is the place to go for information and learning. With the decline of television the Internet has many videos on Youtube as well as Hulu that can provide alternative entertainment. The only annoyance with Hulu is the advertisements that occur every so often. But when you are watching the free videos that is to be expected.

There is a cop online who is calling for the end of all online anonymity: But he has no real clue as to how this will actually work. He has no idea how the Internet works. Judging by the comments on this article has has a lot to learn.

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