Useful bash shell prompt with customizable colors that are switchable on the fly.

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This bash script will give you a custom bash prompt that has colors that are switchable on the fly.

    sep=$'\xC2\xBB'     # UTF-8 U+00BB
    red=$(tput setaf 1)
    green=$(tput setaf 2)
    yellow=$(tput setaf 3)
    blue=$(tput setaf 4)
    cyan=$(tput setaf 5)
    bold=$(tput bold)
    reset=$(tput sgr0)
    [[ $EUID -eq 0 ]] && user=$red || user=$green
    echo "\[$user\]\[email protected]\h\[$reset\] \[$blue$bold\]$sep\[$reset\] \[$yellow\]\W\[$reset\] \[$blue$bold\]$sep\[$reset\] \[$user\]\$\[$reset\] "

To change to a green prompt, use this command.

[email protected]:~$ tput setaf 2

And this one for a blue shell prompt.

[email protected]:~$ tput setaf 5

This is a very cool idea, this means that the color of the shell prompt may be changed whenever you wish. This is a nice way to customize the shell prompt. I guess other settings could be controlled this way too.

Run this command to print all available colors in your terminal.

for i in {17..255};{ printf '\e[38;5;%dm%d \n' "$i" "$i"; } | column

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