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Useful directory of website links on my website. The most popular and useful links

Some very good GTK themes and wallpapers for your Linux desktop.

How to use xrdp to remote into a Linux desktop from a Windows machine with RDP.

How to crack a Windows 10 user password with Kali Linux and the john the ripper tool.

Some very useful tips for the MATE desktop on Linux Mint. Set up the desktop just the way you want it to be.

Use the MATE Tweak Tool to customize the MATE desktop and remove desktop icons. Very good utility.

Quake 3 LAN party in the 1990s.
Quake 3 LAN party in the 1990s.

Play a DVD on Fedora 25 with libdvdcss easily. This is easy to install and get your DVD playing in no time.

How to create a new set of keys with easy-rsa for OpenVPN easily. With no password prompt.

List users on a WordPress website with Kali Linux and wpscan, this can yield information on insecure websites.

Some very useful Linux e-books for learning the Linux command line and associated software.

Get the keyboard and mouse working in FreeBSD easily by editing the right file.

Tips and information for setting up FreeBSD.

Set up the package manager in FreeBSD after installation.

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