New Linux distribution Sparky Linux. Based on Debian.

Posted: April 13, 2017. At: 1:56 PM. This was 8 months ago. Post ID: 10488
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Easiest way to get the UNIX CDE desktop installed on a Linux Debian distribution

CDE UNIX desktop environment.
CDE UNIX desktop environment.

There is a new Linux distribution available. Sparky Linux. This is based on Debian and has quite a lot of software available. Debian is a very stable Linux system and basing a new distribution on it with the apt packaging system makes a whole lot of sense. Download this distribution from the following link: Choose the rolling option.

Install this and then boot up into the Lxde desktop.

Sparky Linux desktop updating package repos.
Sparky Linux desktop updating package repos.

Run sudo apt update to update the package repositories for the first time.

Then run this command to install the CDE UNIX desktop on Debian.

sudo apt install cde-desktop

Now logout and choose CDE from the drop down at the top of the screen and login to a new fresh CDE desktop.

Sparky Linux CDE desktop.
Sparky Linux CDE desktop. Nice UNIX goodness on Debian.

This is incredible, now the awesome CDE desktop from Solaris UNIX is now available on a Debian based Linux distribution. This makes the desktop accessible to everyone now.

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