me-tv package not working properly in Debian Squeeze.

Posted: May 6, 2012. At: 5:05 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 3741
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The me-tv package is not working properly in Debian Squeeze. It loads up but the window will not respond to input, therefore you can not control the application to change channels or the volume. So I am using my digital set-top box connected to the tv card input instead. Below is the command that I use to view television with mplayer. At least this works very well. Me-tv uses the xine backend, so maybe the problem is there, or a Gstreamer update. I hope this is fixed soon though. Compiling the latest version from source will not be easy. I tried the gnome-dvb tools, but they will not detect any channels. I really need to buy a DVB card for Linux that is properly supported by my Linux distribution. My DVB card will not work properly with kaffeine either, so only me-tv will actually tune some channels and allow me to watch any television.

mplayer -tv input=1 tv://

I tried to use the vlc package, but it will not allow me to select the video input to watch the input from my set-top box. That is strange, The Ubuntu and Mint packages allow you to select from the various inputs that your capture card offers, but the Debian Squeeze package does not allow this. That leaves only the mplayer package to watch a video input. There is a bug report about this here: I am sure this will also be fixed. Here is to hoping. There are some tips here on using vlc for v4l inputs.

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