Linux just as important as ever in the modern world.

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Windows 10 is the current operating system that Microsoft are pimping, but Linux is still very important. Servers run the free operating system, and there are many jobs that require Linux administration experience. The Windows 10 bash shell cannot run server software such as Apache and MySQL, this means that an actual Linux machine is required to run an actual server. This way, Samba or a LAMP stack may easily be run on a much more secure machine than a patched together Windows Server operating system. Linux on a cloud instance such as Amazon AWS or a cheap VPS allows the user to construct an OpenVPN server, or route E-Mail. Free software is a better option than closed source software. Teamviewer is closed source and this has many security vulnerabilities. Apparently having this software installed leads to security compromises on your computer. Not a good thing at all. That is why anyone wanting to share their desktop should use VNC instead. I have never used Teamviewer and I do not intend to. Here is a list of security vulnerabilities in this software, showing that it has a long way to go before it is usable as a secure product over the Internet.

The teamspy backdoor is a malicous DLL file that is shipped with Teamviewer and allows crackers to gain unwanted access to a target computer. This goes to show that anyone that wants to download Teamviewer should only download it from a reputable website. Other sites may tamper with the download to slipstream malware into the download. That is why Linux is making inroads into the computing market. Software is available from secure repositories and these are signed, this ensures that the software you are installing is actually what you wanted. Especially when installing a SSH server or the OpenVPN client. That is why keys need to be installed when adding a PPA to a Debian distribution. This allows the installation of signed packages from a users repository. Of course, this is also possible with Windows software, if the user downloads from a reputable website and then checks a SHA hash to make sure the file is what the user expects to be downloading. Do nto download from websites that require a downloader to download the file. I always go somewhere else and find a proper download. Linux has the advantage of a proper package manager. Sure, you can turn Windows features on and install certain files, but the Apt and YUM package management systems are way better.

For those interested in the new Bash environment, there is documentation on the Microsoft website: And there is some user feedback here:

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