Install a Windows 3.1 styled theme on Lubuntu.

How to have a Win 3.11 styled Linux theme on a Linux desktop.

Firstly, download this theme and save it to your Computer. Extract the theme to your ~/.themes directory:

This Classic `95 icon theme will provide Windows `95 styled icons to help complete the classic Windows look: Put this into your ~/.icons directory and then select the Classic `95 icons in the theme selector.

download this wallpaper. This is a solid color wallpaper, this gives a standard Windows `95 desktop color:

Download this next link and save it to the /usr/share/lubuntu/images directory. This provides a custom Windows `95 start menu button: right click on menu button, select menu settings, select the saved menu button.

install this theme for audacious. A classic Winamp styled skin for the awesome Audacious music player application:

Windows 3.1 installing in qemu on Knoppix 6.4.
Windows 3.1 installing in qemu on Knoppix 6.4.

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